Cast photos, videos and music from your mobile to your TV and save the day Watch The Video Download on Google Play
Show all your friends that hilarious video clip without making them crowd around your phone’s tiny screen. Instead, cast it to the nearest TV so everyone can enjoy the view, or stream a whole movie or playlist.
Your phone’s tiny speakers can’t do justice to your new favorite jam, but your surround-sound entertainment system is the ultimate stereo. Stream playlists from your phone to keep the dance party rocking as long as you are.
Forget passing around your phone to show off your photos—make an impact when you stream your favorite memories on the big screen. Swipe through one by one or start a slideshow of your photo albums to display every detail.

CastBox streams your media, wherever it is

Cast local image
& video files
Cast local songs
& playlists
Cast content from
Cast media from
other Apps
Select media files Playback controls Playback seek control Detect compatible devices
and begin casting
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